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Backups with Borg and Rclone

Borg is an Open Source deduplicating backup program with impressive performance. Borgmatic is a tool to simplify the configuration of Borg. I will show how I use it with Rclone to backup files to remote cloud storage provider, Backblaze. Optionally, you can use to notify you if it hasn’t been running.

Home Assistant Security System (Part 2)

This is part two of the Home Assistant Security System guide. In this part, I show how I configured a dashboard display to complete my HA security system, to give visual feedback and, optionally, be used to manually arm the system. This alerts us if any door or window is opened while the family is not home and we can quickly glance at the display to see if anything is open before heading out the door. This guide assumes you followed part one.

Home Assistant Security System

This is part one of a high-level guide that will get you started out with Home Assistant as a basic security system. In part two, I show how to add a dashboard display to your system.

VPN Server Select

This post explains how to set a VPN connection on a home router. I am using a Netgear R6300V2 with DD-WRT. For DD-WRT, you can check if your router is supported in the Router Database.

VPN Speed Test

This script will automate selecting the best VPN server from a given list of servers your provider offers.

Noobs Term

Noobs Term is a terminal bundle that combines a few powerful programs with “sensible” configurations and a beautiful theme. I made Noobs Term to give people a foundation from which they can begin working with Zsh and Tmux without being overwhelmed with many customizations and options up front. When I first started using Zsh and Tmux, I found many configurations that offered some customization that I liked and some I either didn’t like or didn’t understand.